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Poetic Impact is a London based creative producing company that nurtures the ideas of hidden creators and makers, and advocates for lived experience experts in the arts. 


Hidden creators & makers are those who may experience barriers to creating art and whose incredible potential to contribute to the arts industry is being missed. We empower them to maintain their creative lives and to reveal their creative potential to themselves and to the world. 


Our projects focus on building skills and networks, providing a platform for testing & showcasing work, and creating a route to diversify income.


Poetic Impact was founded in 2017 by Poet and Creative producer, Celestina Rowaiye, and Videographer and Digital creator, Theresa Lake-Palmer. They identify as creatives that do 'non-creative' things for a living and are happy doing so. They embrace the variety and security that this setup offers and want to use Poetic impact as a vehicle for others to experience the same.


Our beginnings are rooted in Poetry & Spoken Word with the simple intent of flooding the digital world with the work of seemingly invisible UK Poets and helping them create content along the way. Refusing to be bound by art form, we now aim to make more room, not only for UK Poets but for all hidden UK creators and makers, diversifying the arts along the way.


A world where people can create without having to sacrifice their livelihood


To nurture ideas of hidden creators & makers, and to inspire change in lives, policy, and practice.

"Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can."

-- Arthur Ashe

Theresa Lake-Palmer

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

--Michael Jordan.


Celestina Rowaiye